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The best toilet tank repair kits are easy to install and replace. First, you need to know the nature of your toilet’s malfunction. If the fill valve is slow to fill the tank, check how slow it is. After you discover the problem, make sure you get the right replacements kits that can fix it. Also, buy a product that matches your toilet’s design. New toilet tank bolt, washer, and gasket. Fixing a toilet is perhaps the last thing a homeowner wants to deal with. It is one of the reasons why renters enjoy being renters and the most Fortunately, leaky toilets, especially if they are leaking from the tank bolts, are an easy fix. Let me show you how to do it.

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If either the toilet tank or bowl are cracked, replace the entire toilet. For information on how to do this, see How to Install a Toilet. When you buy a wax ring replacement, make sure to choose one with a rubber collar, which is less likely to leak in the future.
Replace the two screws holding the cistern to the wall. Also replace the two butterfly locking nuts which fasten the cistern to the bowl. Replace the coupling pin between the siphon and the flush-handle - ensuring that the flush-handle is at the original angle - as seen in Figure 21. There is a large plastic nut that holds the flush valve in place. Use a large pair of adjustable pliers to remove the nut, holding the valve assembly from the inside of the tank. Remove the tubing that is connected to the top of the flush valve tube. Remove the large nut and the flush valve should be free.

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How to replace your toilet is a great little article that is going to walk you right through the process of changing that old monster looking, water Take the nut thats under the tank off with a pair of plumbers pliers or channel locks. Once the supply nut is removed the tube can be removed from the toilet.
Leaky fill valves, tank bolts and spud washers are the three most common places in the toilet tank where leaks are likely to occur. This guide provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to replace a fill valve, tank bolt or spud washer to stop your toilet from leaking.Dec 29, 2018 · Remove the old toilet and inspect the existing flange. In order to remove an existing toilet (if there is one), is to loosen the toilet bowl bolts on the base. These bolts normally consist of a plastic bowl shaped guard that can simply be snapped off. Once the bolts are exposed, find the correct size socket and remove them.

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When the toilet is constantly running we must first find out if you have a fill valve issue or a flapper Turn on water and flush toilet to ensure problem has been resolved. Video: How to Fix a Running Replace fill valve and replace flush valve. The flush valve is set to the wrong height or may be...
'How To' articles on how to choose the right toilet for your home are all over the web. The reason you are here is apparent. You are not too familiar with what Imagine when you have to check on the tank that is leaking or replacing something as simple as the water supply line, you will need the space to...installation & supply kits Shut off the water by turning the shutoff valve. Typically, you can turn the shutoff valve clockwise and continue... Drain the tank by flushing the toilet. Hold the flush lever down to drain as much water as possible. A bucket or large... Remove lid and float ball from ...

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4. Next, you will need to separate the toilet tank from the rest of the toilet. You can do this by unscrewing the mounting bolts within the base of the tank using a ratchet wrench and flat head screwdriver. 1. There may be two or three, one on each side of the tank and perhaps one in the middle. 2.
The toilet is winterized differently than the other fixtures because of a control called a ball cock, which lets the water into the tank. Learn how to easily replace a toilet fill valve and flapper with these basic instructions from home inspector Rick Yerger.Learn how to replace a faulty toilet flapper—the most common cause of a toilet continuing to run after a flush is completed. When the flapper drops back into place as the flush concludes, the tank can begin to refill with water.

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Tube Clogs: another reason why the toilet tank might be filling to slowly is when there is clogging in the valve caused by a buildup of debris. Fixing this problem is easy. Put off the valve by the wall shutting the water off. Take away the hardware from the valve and use a bottle brush or a slim and robust wire to break the clog in the tube.
To replace the float system, drain the tank the same way as when changing the flapper valve. Once the tank is empty, you will find a large nut at the base of the float system. Loosen that nut and remove the entire float system. TIP: Mark suggests, “Have a small bucket or a rag on the floor beneath where the float system is being removed. Flush the toilet and hold the flush valve open to drain the tank. Sponge out the remaining water or vacuum it up with a wet/dry vacuum. If you don't have a shutoff, turn off the water supply at the main shutoff valve, where water enters your home. This is a good time to add a shutoff valve next to the toilet or replace one that leaks.

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Flush the toilet and use a sponge to remove the remaining water from the tank and bowl. Disconnect the supply shut-off valve (if present) and remove the old tank and bowl. 2. ASSEMBLE TANK BOLTS & WASHERS Slip bolt heads into mounting hole on bottom of tank.
Phantom Flushing Toilet. A toilet that seemingly flushes itself is a common problem that is usually caused by a slow leak from the tank to the bowl. Once the water level drops below a certain point, the float signals that the tank needs to be refilled, causing the "flushing" sound. This problem is almost...May 13, 2016 · When to Replace Your Toilet Fill Valve. The fill valve on a standard toilet is not particularly complicated. It is simply a tube fitted with a shut-off valve that’s connected at the bottom of the tank to the water supply. There is an air filled cup or ball which is connected to the fill valve.

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If adjustments were made, reset the toilet by flushing it and allowing the tank to refill and stop on its own. Drop a dye tablet (available from your water provider) or several drops of food dye into the tank. Do NOT flush. Wait 15 minutes. If you have more than one toilet to test, repeat Steps 1 through 3 for each toilet while you wait.
May 27, 2011 · Disclaimer: This tutorial is a general overview of replacing a fill valve in your toilet tank. Be sure to follow the directions that come with your toilet parts as there may be changes or additional steps. If you haven’t done so already, start by turning off the water. There should be a water shut off valve in the wall behind your toilet.

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Every single flush requires the fill valve to–well, fill the tank with water. As simple as it may sound, it’s still a bit more complicated as a functioning part in your toilet. If you’re looking to replace the toilet fill valve on your toilet, you’ve come to the right place.
Tube Clogs: another reason why the toilet tank might be filling to slowly is when there is clogging in the valve caused by a buildup of debris. Fixing this problem is easy. Put off the valve by the wall shutting the water off. Take away the hardware from the valve and use a bottle brush or a slim and robust wire to break the clog in the tube.